Krishna Janmasthami.
                     Today 24 august 2019 is  Krishna Janmasthami ,Also known as a simply Janmasthami.
It is a annual hindu festival ,We celebtrate  as birth of Krishna Eight Avtaar of Vishnu 
It is observed according to hindu Luni solar calendar.
on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in Shraavana of the lunar Hindu Calendar and Krishna Paksha in Bhadrapad of the lunisolar Hindu Calendar,which over laps on august and september month.

Birth place of Krishna :-
         The birth place of Krishna ,It is Mathura ,which is situated Uttar Pradesh 50 KM away from Northwest of Agra And 150 kilometres from south of Delhi.

Krishna  was eight Avtaar of Shree Vishnu.
People says krisna's child hood was very interesting and funny,

Krishna was called by many names like ,MOHAN ,KANHA,GOPAL,

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